Marathon & Key Colony Beach

Lower Keys Community

Marathon, FL is a small town located in the Lower Keys of the Florida Keys. The town is known for its laid-back lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. Living in Marathon offers residents the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming. The town is also home to several parks, including the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, which offers visitors the chance to explore the rich marine life of the area. Additionally, Marathon is home to a variety of restaurants and shops, making it a great place to live for those who appreciate a small town atmosphere with plenty of amenities. Overall, living in Marathon and the Lower Keys is a unique and enjoyable experience that combines the best of both worlds – a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere with easy access to all the outdoor activities that the Florida Keys have to offer.


Key Colony Beach is a small, upscale community located in the Florida Keys. It is known for its serene atmosphere, crystal clear waters, and pristine beaches. The area is surrounded by lush greenery and tropical vegetation, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers. Key Colony Beach boasts a variety of properties, from luxurious oceanfront villas to cozy beachside cottages. Residents enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming. This tight-knit community is well-known for its friendliness and safety, making it an ideal place to call home. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or an active lifestyle, Key Colony Beach is the perfect destination.

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